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  1. Evi-Dry Bags (12 pcs)
    Evi-Dry Bags (12 pcs)
    -Breathable Evidence Bag. -The Evi-Dry Bag can be sealed for prevention of evidence tampering. -Sewn with an upper portion of tyvek material that allows the bag to be sealed. -The Evi-Dry Bag is constructed of a non-woven polyester cloth. -All seams tightly sewn to retain even the smallest particles. Learn More
  2. Evidence Bags (100 pcs)
    Evidence Bags (100 pcs)

     The Secur-Pak® Evidence and Security Handling system incorporates the following features:

    • Special adhesive makes bag tamper-evident and impervious to externally applied heat or cold, such as Freon. This ensures that the bag cannot be opened and reclosed, as this is a major security risk if proof continuity is the purpose of a one-time use security envelope.
    • Unique sequential numbering on the body of the bag as well as the adhesive liner to prevent “bag switching” and benefit in the development of an audit trail. The bag number should be recorded on the investigation forms.
    • Special side sealing to discourage tampering.
    • Writable areas on the bag to ensure identification & reference.
    • Clear special polyethylene film that is extra tough, to hold up under transportation and handling.
    • Sizes: 6” x 9” | 9” x 12 | 12” x 16”


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  3. Inmate Personal Property - 9"x12"
    Inmate Personal Property - 9"x12"

    This disposable envelope gives you an effective property loss control system.

    Provides a systematic, orderly way to store valuables. Bag has a sequential number on the body and adhesive liner, that when recorded, forms a useful part of an audit trail. Available in clear or opaque to either view or obscure viewing of contents. Allows quick location of property for inmate access, release or transfer.

    Quantity: 100/bundle

    Other sizes available:
    12x16 (50/bundle)

    **Please call in for pricing on other sizes and volume pricing. 204.989.1000**

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