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  1. RIPP Restraints Arm & Ankle Restrainer
    RIPP Restraints Arm & Ankle Restrainer
    Provides Control Over Your Prisoner for Safer Handling Conditions The RIPP™ ARM & ANKLE RESTRAINER is made from 2" wide, 1400LB polypropylene webbed belting and wrapped together in a 9" long, hook & loop strap. The Restraint can be used in 4 ways: A. STRAIGHT-JACKET B. BAT-WING C. DE-CUFFED D. ANKLES Learn More
  2. RIPP Restraints Backstrap
    RIPP Restraints Backstrap
    The RIPP™ BACKSTRAP restricts body movement by securing your subject’s arms from elbow to elbow, behind the back. Designed for larger subjects, the BACKSTRAP is made from 2"-wide, 1400 LB polypropylene webbed belt with two permanently attached, welded loop rings through which strap is passed and secured to itself using hook & loop. Learn More
  3. RIPP Restraints Bullstraps
    RIPP Restraints Bullstraps
    KEEP ‘EM CUFFED • Handcuffs permanently attached • Tough & Strong – made from doubled, 1”-wide, 700 LB polypropylene belting • Smith and Wesson Handcuffs Learn More
  4. RIPP Restraints Cuff Tether
    RIPP Restraints Cuff Tether
    The CUFF TETHER is constructed from double layered, 700 LB tensile strength (1400 LB), 1" polypropylene webbed belting with a brass snap at each end. Snap one end to a fixed point outside the cell door. Snap the other end to handcuff chain. When the door opens, your prisoner comes with it. Learn More
  5. RIPP Restraints Hobble Holster
    RIPP Restraints Hobble Holster
    Made from black Cordura with hook & loop closure of belt strap – Attach without disassembling your belt. Fits all standard duty belts. This holster is approximately 4 1/2” long/deep. Learn More
  6. RIPP Restraints Hobble Restraint
    RIPP Restraints Hobble Restraint
    • SUPER STRONG Made from 1" 700 LB polypropylene webbed belting • Brass snap OR 1 1/2" steel D-ring at one end • Jawed alligator clip hold permanent loop in place for quick use on Ankles, Knees and Elbows (for de-cuffing) • Use the Hobble during transport. Subject remains seated upright, but can’t kick doors and windows Learn More
  7. RIPP Restraints Maximum Restraint Backboard System
    RIPP Restraints Maximum Restraint Backboard System
    The Maximum Restraint Back board System comes complete with: 2 MR-100 Wrist Restraints 4 Cross-Body Restraints 1 Backstrap to secure upper arms (not shown) 4 Corner "Tie-Down" straps to enable safe securing to a bunk Learn More
  8. RIPP Restraints Quick Cuff
    RIPP Restraints Quick Cuff
    -Available in black -Washable for repeated usage. -Stress tested to over 1000 LBS tensile strength with no give! -The fastest and most inexpensive emergency restraint available. Learn More
  9. RIPP Restraints Sit Belt
    RIPP Restraints Sit Belt
    RESTRICT KICKING AND VIOLENT BEHAVIOR BEFORE & DURING TRANSPORT • Use with Hobble to place restrained prisoner in a "safe" seated position • Belting goes around prisoner’s waist • Permanently attached D-ring receives the Hobble strap Learn More
  10. RIPP Restraints Transport Belt
    RIPP Restraints Transport Belt
    • Incredibly Strong • Lockable for added security • Quick and Easy to use • Inexpensive • Made from 2” wide, 1400 LB polypropylene webbed belting with hook & loop materials • Double-sealed closure for strength and security • Expandable from 20” to 48” waist Learn More
  11. RIPP Restraints Tube Restraint
    RIPP Restraints Tube Restraint
    RIPP™ TUBE™ Restraints minimize the opportunity for your prisoner to smuggle contraband or to gain and use weapons. The TUBE™ has been specially designed to completely cover the hands of the wearer and prevent him/her from obtaining items to use as weapons (i.e. keys, shanks) as well as smuggle contraband during transport. The modified model allows hand cuffs to be placed on the prisoner before the TUBE™ is used. Learn More
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